Gain a Better Look with our Cleft Rhinoplasty Expertise

Many people suffer from facial abnormalities which hamper their quality of life, affect their self-image and cause functional problems during their day-to-day existence. One of the more common deformities that are observed in people from all over the world is the problem of cleft lip and palate. It is a defect which involves a large area of the face, including the nose, the jaw bone and the upper part of the mouth or palate.

The problem of cleft nose can manifest itself in many different ways, and can be the root cause behind a number of appearance and functionality related issues. At Nose Job India, we are particularly proficient in the different techniques involved in Cleft Rhinoplasty, and have been able successfully restore normal facial appearance to thousands of people with this condition who have sought treatment with us.

What is Cleft Rhinoplasty?

Cleft nose is a problem which often accompanies cleft lip and palate deformities. It is a complex condition which involves the nose, skin, cartilage, skeletal framework and the mucosa. Consequently, correcting such complex deformities is a challenge for cosmetic surgeons. Cleft deformity observed in people can be of two kinds – unilateral and bilateral. In both cases, there are unique challenges, and there might even be cases where the deformity results in the deviation of the septum, thereby causing breathing difficulties.

The surgical procedure of Cleft Rhinoplasty to correct this involves several steps, each of which address a particular part of the problem. Surgeons carry out primary, intermediate and secondary phases of surgical repair to address the problem in totality. During these surgeries, cosmetic surgeons attempt to repair the damage in a way that restores normal appearance to the nose and lip area while leaving minimal visible scar tissue.

Why Nose Job India for cleft rhinoplasty ?

At Nose Job India, we have years of experience handling various cases of facial abnormalities. Cleft Rhinoplasty is a procedure which we have successfully performed thousands of times, leaving our patients satisfied and content. Our cosmetic surgeons have long years of rigorous training and deep knowledge of the latest technologies and industry best practices, which they bring to the table while performing surgeries. We carefully study the nature and extent of the cleft nose problem and propose viable, quick and easy surgical solutions that can address the issue with minimal visual side effects.

All our Cleft Rhinoplasty surgeries are carried out in outpatient facilities and require only a small duration of stay. Conducted under local anesthesia, these surgeries can go on to change the quality of life for people and help them achieve a better feeling of self-worth and confidence. Furthermore, we also correct some of the common associated problems of cleft nose such as breathing difficulties and speech difficulties as an integral part of our surgical endeavor.

If you are suffering from cleft nose and seeking swift, high quality treatment which comprehensively takes care of all your symptoms, come straight to us at Nose Job India. Our superior cosmetic surgery services can give you exactly what you need with minimum hassle.