Rhinoplasty for Broken Nose – Heal and Beautify at the Same Time
If you’re suffering from a broken nose and worrying about what to do next, you should seriously consider rhinoplasty or in common terms- a ‘nose job’. Now, many people are put off by the idea of having to opt for plastic surgery. But, rhinoplasty for broken nose is actually one of the most favorable and highly recommended types of plastic surgery.
If you’re looking for a rhinoplasty practice that provides quality service and will give the best results, Nose Job India is exactly what you need! Here, the cosmetic surgeons are well trained in both open and closed rhinoplasty techniques and your nose will be in good hands.
What are the two main methods of rhinoplasty to fix broken nose?
There are basically two main approaches for conducting rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery. At Nose Job India, our plastic and cosmetic surgeons are specialized to conduct both types of rhinoplasty.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Under this approach, our surgeons conduct the rhinoplasty to fix broken nose by operating mainly through the nostrils of the patient. A few years ago, the medical world was of the opinion that closed rhinoplasty was better because it does not require an external incision. But at the same time, it was widely acknowledged that it was difficult to conduct rhinoplasty surgery without getting an adequate view of the nasal tissue.

Open Rhinoplasty

Under this approach, our surgeons basically create a small incision under the tip of the patient’s nose to fix broken nose. This is done to allow a greater exposure of the nasal tissue, which is a must for grafting cartilage. Today, this new approach to rhinoplasty surgery has been improved to such an extent that our surgeons are able to create the incision and heal it in such a way, that it is practically invisible to the naked eye.

If you are unsure about open rhinoplasty, avail of a consultation at Nose Job India and speak to our experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeons. Depending on your case, they may advise you to opt for closed nasal fracture reduction, which is a method of closed rhinoplasty. This is generally advised for a typical case of a broken nose. Under this method, no incision is made to restructure the broken nasal cartilage.
This process generally involves the use of a blunt surgical instrument which the surgeon places inside the nose in order to push the nasal cartilage into the required alignment. You will be given an anesthetic or other numbing medication so that you don’t feel the pain at all. Your nose is then properly aligned and a cast is placed to hold it in position. This cast is generally removed after a week. This is basically a protective measure to ensure that the newly set nose cartilage does not get positioned wrongly again.
Rhinoplasty for broken nose is usually a permanent solution and most cases are successful, but one must be cautious in the future because a restructured nose isn’t as strong as a naturally unbroken nose. However, at Nose Job India, we ensure all patients are made fully aware about how to care for their newly re-structured nose.