Augmentation Rhinoplasty: The Nose Job India Advantage

Augmentation rhinoplasty is the medical terminology for cosmetic surgery that increases the size of the nose for aesthetic or medical reasons. Your nose is one of the defining features of your face and if it is not in proportion to the rest of the features, it can mar your overall appearance. Nose augmentation is the solution if you want a perky and bigger nose. However, this procedure requires skill, knowledge and experience, and you can’t select just about any cosmetic surgeon.

That is why you should look at Nose Job India, a premium cosmetic surgery clinic specialising in augmentation rhinoplasty. Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable cosmetic surgeons have the expertise to perform nose augmentation procedures for medical as well as aesthetic purposes. We have the expertise to increase the height of the nasal bridge or make alterations to the nasal tip effortlessly. We even perform this procedure for inclusion of structural support or camouflaging irregularities.

Open and Closed Augmentation Rhinoplasty

At Nose Job India, we use both open and closed procedures. The choice of the procedure is dependent on several factors, including your goals and expectations, health and thickness of the skin, among others. Open Augmentation: Here, our surgeon makes the required incisions externally. However, these incisions are done with utmost skill, so that they become virtually invisible. Usually, surgeons prefer this technique, as it offers better access to the nasal bone and cartilage. But, it extends the operation and recuperation times and sometimes, leaves behind light scars. Closed Augmentation: This is a quick procedure and offers fast recuperation. As no incisions are made outside the nose, there is no visible scarring. Our surgeon uses the latest technology and tools to make incisions inside the nostrils. Here, the thickness of the skin has to be taken into consideration before opting for closed nasal augmentation.

Reasons for Opting Augmentation Rhinoplasty

There are many reasons why patients come to Nose Job India to get the procedure. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • Inadequate dorsum projection
  • Camouflaging irregularities
  • Filling defects
  • Nasal valve collapse
  • Congenital defect
  • Post- traumatic defects
  • Imperfection due to certain systemic diseases
  • After-tumour flaw
  • Prior failed nasal augmentation procedure

Materials Used for Closed Augmentation Rhinoplasty 

Usually, autologous or non-autologous graft material is used for closed nose augmentation. When the graft material comes from the person’s body, it is referred to as autologous graft. Cartilage from the ear or bone graft from the ribs or hips is a good example. On the other hand, when synthetic implant material is used, it is termed as non-autologus graft material. If we use non-autologus grafts, we make sure just medical grade silicone is used for the proper; at times, we also use porous polyethylene.

Though augmentation rhinoplasty is a completely safe procedure, there may be few contraindications. Hence, we offer our patients all the information and details to make an informed decision. If you think your nose is improperly shaped or not long enough, schedule an appointment today with our skilled and experienced surgeon. After a thorough examination and speaking to you, our surgeon will recommend the right treatment plan.