Choose Closed Rhinoplasty and Open up Newer Beauty Avenues
Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure which involves many factors, all of which contribute towards its success as an aesthetic of functional upgrade of the nose. Consequently, there are many approaches towards Rhinoplasty and we, at Nose Job India, tackle them with equal skill and experience. One of the most important questions for those who want to opt for Rhinoplasty is to choose between closed Rhinoplasty and open Rhinoplasty.

Here are some differences between the two

While open Rhinoplasty is a process that provides doctors with more leeway, more visibility and more working headroom, closed Rhinoplasty is a process that needs pinpoint accuracy and experienced handling. The strong point of this kind of Rhinoplasty is that it leaves no visible signs or scars on the exterior post the completion of surgery and healing. Our expertise in closed Rhinoplasty has enabled us to successfully administer this kind of surgery on those people who do not want surgical scars and prefer a relatively non-invasive form of surgery.

Important Facts

Closed rhinoplasty techniqueor endo-nasal Rhinoplasty is surgical procedure during which the only incisions that are made are effected inside the nostrils. Although these parallel incisions encircle almost half of the lining inside the nostrils,the closed rhinoplasty resultsare not visible from the outside. The right and left nostrils remain disconnected from each other and the surgery is carried out through narrow openings with the help of specialized tools and techniques.

The limited visibility and the narrow room for maneuvering make closed rhinoplasty technique a particularly challenging surgical procedure, in which Nose Job India has developed unmatched expertise due to high levels of scale and many years of experience in such surgical practices. This form of surgery is accomplished without much access to the entire and nasal framework, which entails that surgical work needs to be extremely precise and pinpoint in its accuracy. Our highly trained and experienced doctors carry out this difficult and complex procedure with ease, ensuring that our patients can achieve the kind of nose structure and aesthetics from closed rhinoplasty resultswithout visible scars on the exterior portions of the nose.

With our hard work and dedication, we can help you achieve great results while preserving the structural and aesthetic integrity of your nose and without hampering your overall facial look.

What We Offer

At Nose Job India, we offer you highly specialized closed Rhinoplasty solutions that make use of the latest technological progress in the field and the skills and expertise of our highly trained doctors and surgeons. We carry out detailed examinations before closed Rhinoplasty procedures and make all our patients aware of the particular implications of closed rhinoplasty results.

We also try to minimize cases of cartilage damage and overstretching of the skin with our mastery overclosed rhinoplasty technique, creating results that are effective and aesthetically beautiful. With our solutions, you can give your life and your appearance a new direction, build self-confidence and start a new chapter, without having to worry about invasive surgical procedures and physical scars.