Restore your Confidence with Columella Correction Procedure

Columella is an important nasal part that can make or break the appearance of a normal looking nose. The hanging Columella requires a surgical procedure called Columella correction to restore its original shape, size, alignment and appearance. The deformity in Columella might be congenital or can also occur after an injury or a surgical operation gone wrong.

If you have been a victim of any of these scenarios and are having a hanging Columella, the surgeons at Nose Job India can help you get back that normal looking nose once again. The hanging Columella is fixed through some advanced Columella correction procedures that are an expertise of surgeons at Nose Job India. Read on to know more about columella correction and our role in doing it for you.

What is Columella Correction?

Columella correction is the method of plastic surgery that requires the alteration in the size, shape and alignment of the Columella. To make it more result oriented, the plastic surgeons at Nose Job India use customized methods and individual approach. As the Columella highly affects the overall nose position and appearance, the deformity in appearance of Columella should never be neglected.

This condition of Columella correction surfaces due to the retracted nostrils. Because of these, the nose appears to have a large septum. Columella correction at Nose Job India involves the restoration of the nasal septum and minimizing the over retracted skin of the Columella through latest surgical operations. After getting your Columella corrected, you can once again flaunt your fine shaped and beautiful nose.

Why Nose Job India?

Your hanging Columella skin can be restored to its original shape through the advanced surgical procedure performed by our columella correction experts. To meet all your columella correction needs, we make sure that our surgeons personally initiate the consultation process and discuss the needs and results you might be expecting from the columella surgery.

Our team of surgeons collects information after doing an initial inspection of your nasal septum and the downward hanging columella. After reaching a common understanding and attaining clarity about the expected results, the surgeons will start operating on your nose and restore back the hanging columella to its right place. Columella correction is done by us for a number of reasons. Be it a deformity present in you since birth or it has surfaced recently because of an injury. We also correct some cases that occur due to improper surgical procedures.

We have fixed a lot of such cases where columella correction was the initial facial surgery requirement. We use world class equipment and make sure that you are returning to your home with a satisfactory result. The surgeons at Nose Job India guide you personally through the careful post-surgery period till your columella becomes normal once again. Whatever is the reason behind your hanging columella, we make sure that it gets the best shape to accentuate your facial features.

To know about possible results in your case and informing us about your columella correction requirement, reach us at Nose Job India today.