Feel More Confident after our Depressed Nose Correction Procedure

The nose is the focal point of the face. Situated dead center, it gives definition and proportion to the rest of the facial elements and has a clear role to play in deciding overall appearance. Consequently, any abnormalities in the appearance of the nose can be detrimental to overall aesthetics. Many people suffer from irregularities in the shape, size and proportion of their noses, all of which can be successfully corrected using the right techniques of cosmetic surgery.

One of the common cosmetic complaints that people have is that of a depressed nose. Having a flat or depressed nose can hamper your overall appearance, and also have a direct impact on the quality of breathing. At Nose Job India, we help people with depressed noses reach their appearance goals and improve their quality of life with our stellar quality depressed nose surgery solutions. With our depressed nose correction surgery, people affected by this problem can achieve the look they want and start to feel better about themselves.

What is Depressed Nose?

Flat or depressed nose is a condition that can arise from many factors. Common causal factors include genetic or hereditary traits, trauma to the nasal area and the side-effect of certain conditions. The flat or depressed look is mainly due to the flatness of the nose bridge. To correct this problem, cosmetic surgeons carry out a procedure which involves physical augmentation of the nose bridge using either supportive material or cartilage harvested from some other area of the body, common the ear or the ribs.

This material is then used to augment the nose bridge, increase height and definition, and make the nose more prominent and proportional. The procedure involves considerable skills on the part of the cosmetic surgeon, and the results are spectacular if the procedure is conducted skillfully. Commonly used supportive materials include PTFE or Gortex, Silicone and special kinds of plastic.

With these materials, the surgeon adds on to the nose while keeping to the proportion and size requirements dictated by the rest of the face. The overall effect is one of increased height for the nose, which gets rid of the depressed look and provides more definition to the nose, helping it to perfectly blend in with the rest of the facial elements.

Why Nose Job India

Depressed nose correction treatment requires considerable skills, and this is where we at Nose Job India shine. Our cosmetic surgeons are the best in business, and have crucial knowledge about the intricacies of this kind of surgical effort. With many years of experience behind us and bolstered by the use of latest technology, we carry out high quality corrective surgery which restores the proper shape, size and balance of the nose. Our track record is indicative of our competence and skills.

If you have a flat or depressed nose and are seeking corrective surgical measures, come straight to us at Nose Job India. With our stellar quality minimally invasive depressed nose correction surgery, you can get a new lease of life for your overall appearance.