Strengthen your diva-like looks with Female rhinoplasty
Female rhinoplasty is a popular form of rhinoplasty performed by us at Nose Jo India. Our expertise helps to alter the appearance and shape of the nose. It is also performed for cosmetic reasons, like the correction of disfigurement resulting from birth defects or trauma.
If you’re searching for a reliable rhinoplasty surgery practice to make your nose smaller (reduction rhinoplasty), larger or even to add more bulk (augmentation rhinoplasty), Nose Job India is where you should go for female celebrity nose job. Our female rhinoplasty surgeon will always give you the knowledge and information you require to make an informed decision.

Types of Female Nose Reshaping & Procedures

Female nose reshaping is performed to alter the shape, size and appearance of the nose. The procedure helps enhance the beauty and thus, the confidence level of the woman. Our female celebrity nose job proficiency are categorized into two categories.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

IT is performed to make the nose larger or add bulk to it. As a part of the procedure, our female rhinoplasty surgeon will make an incision inside or between the nostrils to reshape the bone and cartilage. The procedure requires extra cartilage or bone, known as graft, to increase the nose size. This cartilage can be taken from the ribs or ears; whereas the bone required for grafting is generally taken from the rear side of skull, hip, elbow or back. Many times, grafting is performed using artificial or synthetic implants.
The incisions inside the nostrils are closed with stitches that dissolve with time. The stitches outside the skin, if any, are the removable ones. These stitches are usually removed a week after the procedure.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

Reduction rhinoplasty is beneficial for those with a small nose. To begin with, our surgeon will make incisions inside the nostrils to get access to the bone and cartilage. This technique is also known as open rhinoplasty.
During the procedure, our female rhinoplasty surgeon will have to remove or rearrange, as required, some of the bone and cartilage to give the desired shape to your nose. It is worth mentioning here that the skin over the nose is not touched. Rather, it adjusts to the new shape automatically.

Recovery Tips

After you have had the female celebrity nose job procedure, our surgeons generally recommend you wear a nasal splint to avoid post procedure swelling and bruising around eyes. These would take about six months to go away. The final shape of the nose is apparent only after it has healed completely.
As far as social activities are concerned, you can resume within a month. By this time, the signs of the procedure are also gone. Our surgeons recommend avoiding strenuous activities after the surgery.
Our cosmetic surgeons are experts who are available for consultation regarding any type of rhinoplasty surgery you may require. Avail female rhinoplasty at Nose Job India today and get the nose you always dreamt of having. Once we complete the procedure, be prepared to be the cynosure of all eyes.