Breathe Better and Enjoy Life

Rhinoplasty is useful to people not just for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. Many people suffer from poor breathing as a result of physical obstructions inside the nose and nasal passage. Rhinoplasty can be effectively used to correct these problems and help out people with breathing problems. At Nose Job India, we help people achieve better, more rewarding lives with our precise, accurate and reliable functional Rhinoplasty options such as septoplasty and turbinoplasty. These surgical processes can be used by people who have airway obstructions that impede normal, natural breathing to be able to achieve better breathing once again and lead normal lives.

Obstructions in the airway can manifest in a variety of ways- a feeling that the nose is blocked on one or both sides, mouth breathing, dryness and breathlessness. These symptoms have the potential of seriously affecting people’s day to day lives, and leave people vulnerable to further, more serious problems. With corrective functional Rhinoplasty, obstructions in the nasal passage can be effectively dealt with. We at Nose Job India are committed towards helping people with these problems overcome their situation and be able to breathe better with skilled septoplasty and turbinoplasty procedures. We try and give people a better life and reduce their vulnerability to disease with our skilled surgeons providing great results.

What We Do

We handle functional Rhinoplasty of different kinds and levels of complexity, including septoplasty and turbinoplasty. These procedures cater to the needs of people who require both internal and external corrections to their nasal framework. Here are some of the functional Rhinoplasty services we offer –

Internal – These are minor cases such as septoplasty and turbinate reduction, which do not require intense surgery. Treatment is done on the interior of the nasal passage without having to make any alteration to the exterior portions of the nose. There surgeries include –
Septoplasty – A deviated septum is the most common cause behind breathing problems. Through various techniques of septoplasty, we restore normal shape, size and function to the septum.
Turbinate Reduction –Enlargement or deformity of the turbinate bones is another common reason behind breathing problems. The deformity can manifest itself in different forms, and each form requires a different kind of surgery. We perform Turbinate correction of all kinds to help people get rid of this problem.
Polyp Removal – Polyps are benign growths that can form inside the nasal cavity and obstruct breathing. We carry out harmless and non-invasive polyp removal and advice our patients on ways to prevent recurrence.
External – For people who are affected with more serious cases of airway obstruction, we practice several functional Rhinoplasty techniques which can bring lasting relief. These techniques mainly deal with straightening, enlarging and reinforcing the obstructed passages. In cases where nasal valves start to malfunction and collapse, it is out special expertise at Nose Job India to carry out extensive repair and ensure that patients can achieve normal, healthy breathing.
If you have similar problems with your nose structure and your breathing problems are affecting your life, we can help. Our septoplasty and turbinate reductionservices can help you achieve better breathing and pave the way for a more rewarding life.