Get a Graceful Nose with our Rhinoplasty Competencies

Are you unhappy with the way your nose looks? Do you think your nose is too long? Do you think your nose resembles a bird’s beak more than a nose. If your answer is yes, you definitely should consider long nose correction procedure.

What is Considered a Long Nose

A long nose is one that seems to stick out prominently from the face. A long nose also can be droopy. This is because the tip of the nose extends out and downwards. We, at Nose Job India, have also worked on patients with noses stretching all the way to the upper lip. This rich experience makes us ideal rhinoplasty experts for your long nose correction needs.

 Long Nose Correction

 long nose Correction has to be performed carefully. It is a skill that very few surgeons can boast of. At Nose Job India, we have a team of specialists, who specialise in long nose correction. Care is taken not to remove too much of the nasal cartilage during the re-sectioning procedure, as this can result in short nose deformity. While correcting long noses, our surgeons take utmost care to maintain natural profile of the nose.

Are You a Good Candidate for Long Nose Correction?

We, at Nose Job India, believe long nose correction is an extremely individualised procedure. If you believe your nose is too long for your face and want it in total harmony with the rest of the facial features, you have to consult our specialists. While Nose Job India has the expertise to bring about any physical change to your nasal structure, our specialist is best placed to recommend the best course of action to ensure positive results. This is based on the unique characteristics of your nose, as they are related to all your facial features. Nonetheless, if we find you genuinely have a long nose and will benefit from the procedure, you are a good candidate. In addition, you should fulfil the following criteria for long nose correction:

  • Your facial growth should be complete. That’s why you should be 18 years and older
  • You should be physically fit
  • You should have a positive outlook
  • You should have realistic goals about how you will look after undergoing long nose correction

There is no doubt long nose correction can aesthetically transform the way your nose appears and this, in turn, has a positive effect on the whole face. Preparing for Long Nose Correction We have a stringent and preparatory procedure, as this surgery is a cosmetic in nature and individuals primarily choose it for aesthetic reasons. However, during the procedure, we also can undertake other corrective measures to further enhance the appearance of your nose and entire face.

When you prepare for the Long Nose correction procedure, it may include the following:

  • Medical evaluation
  • Laboratory testing
  • Taking photographs of your nose to create computer images. This will show you how your
  • nose will look after the procedure
  • Taking certain medications prescribed by our surgeon
  • Adjusting the dosage of your current prescription and non-prescription medication
  • Cease smoking several weeks in advance
  • Refrain from taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and herbal supplements. These increase the risk of bleeding

At Nose Job India, long nose correction has been perfected to an art. Our surgeons are highly skilled, qualified and experienced, and are ably supported by a team of allied medical personnel. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our surgeon, who will evaluate you and recommend the right course of treatment.

Long Nose Correction