The Importance of Nose Analysis for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can reshape or repair defects of the nose caused by trauma or injury. The procedure also helps correct birth defects of the nose. Using rhinoplasty, problems related to the shape and size of the nose can be easily corrected. When we perform a rhinoplasty surgery, we always conduct a comprehensive nose analysis before the procedure. Nose reshaping or rhinoplasty is a lot more than just a nick in the skin, and hence, analysis is necessary to ensure everything goes off smoothly.
If you want to get the nose you’ve always dreamt of having, opt for the services of Nose Job India. We offer careful analysis to ensure your nose is just right for your facial features and aligns to cost of nose reshaping surgery.

Nasal Analysis for Nose Reshaping

Improper surgical techniques can cause permanent deformities. Therefore, it is important to be careful when choosing the surgeon. At Nose Job India, we analyse the patient’s health conditions as well as the nose and its structure. Usually, nasal analysis helps surgeons determine how to shape and size the nose, so that it is in proportion to the facial features and also aesthetically pleasing. During the course of analysis, our surgeons zero in on the nose reshaping surgery in india procedure best suited to alter or reshape the nose.

Aspects of Nasal Analysis

An aesthetic analysis of the nose is important for a perfect plan for nose reshaping surgery in india. The different aspects of nose analysis are explained below, so that you have adequate knowledge before opting for nose surgery.

General Analysis
The surgeon begins with assessing general nasal features such as:
• Thickness of the skin
• Skin quality
• Visible deformities of the nose
It is important to analyse general skin conditions to decide and formulate the surgical plans and subsequent cost of nose reshaping surgery. The skin over the nose cartilage influences the shape to a great extent. The skin type, assessed during nose analysis, decides whether or not the nose can be given a pointed or sharp shape. Thin skin is best suited for a sharp and pointy nose. Thin skin reveals details of the bone and cartilage lying under the skin. This said, thin skin makes minor irregularities more visible. Hence, we prefer making the skin slightly thicker during rhinoplasty.
Nose and Facial Structure Proportion
This is another important aspect of nose analysis. The purpose of rhinoplasty is to create a nose that blends well with the facial structure. This makes it important to assess the proportion between the nose and face. The key areas that are taken into consideration are:
• The weakness or strength of the chin
• The face width
• The slope of patient’s forehead
• The height of the face
• The width of eyes
• The comprehensive shape of the face
A comprehensive nose analysis helps in planning the procedure and associated cost of nose reshaping surgery perfectly, so that we know what techniques to use for the surgery. Lack of proper analysis may lead to failure of the surgery. And, without analysis every patient would end up getting the same type of nose regardless of whether the shape and size suits them or not.
Nose reshaping surgery in india doesn’t believe in neutralizing the face by removing the natural features of the face and adding new ones. Your family characteristics are special and unique to you; and these are always retained. Together, with our comprehensive nose analysis and excellent rhinoplasty surgery, we, at Nose Job India, help correct defects while maintaining the natural features and their beauty.