Expert and Soothing Care Helps You RecoverQuickly

Any surgical procedure, however small, entails a set period of time which is designated for recovery and natural repair. Rhinoplasty is a process that is complex and brings about change in the overall infrastructure and aesthetics of the nose. Being a particularly complicated area of surgery, the procedure of Rhinoplasty also entails a duration of time during which the patients have to gradually recover from the surgical procedure.

The time for recovery after nose surgerytends to vary according to the kind, scope and intensity of the surgical treatment that they have received. At Nose Job India, we help our patients with adequate information about the rhinoplastyrecovery tips that they can expect with each case of Rhinoplasty, and help them manage their time in a peaceful, pain-free manner with our expert advice and guidance.

Standard Recovery Procedure

When you have been administered your Rhinoplasty surgery, it is usual procedure to have intense bandaging on and around your nose and the installation of a splint to hold things together. For the first few days after surgery as part of recovery after nose surgery, our doctors recommend that you keep your head in an elevated position, keep relatively still and avoid any strenuous or jerky movements, and remain incomplete rest as critical rhinoplastyrecovery tips. Some amount of pain, bruising and swelling is a common experience after Rhinoplasty procedures. Our doctors prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to tackle the pain and swelling during the few days right after the completion of surgery.

The splint and bandages are usually taken off after a week’s time. Along with medication for the pain and swelling, our doctors also advise the application of gentle cold compresses to the affected areas to help with the bruising and inflammation as secondary rhinoplastyrecovery tips. Complete recovery from these symptoms usually takes between 10 to 15 days, according to the complexity and kind of surgery that you have opted for.

Expert Advice

At Nose Job India, we help you glide through the recovery after nose surgerywith our expert guidance. We are well aware of the normal day-to-day activities that can pose problems right after Rhinoplasty surgery, and we thoroughly a docket all our patients to steer clear of any activity that can cause complications or damage. We advise all our patients to be incomplete rest for a period of a week after the surgery, and not to undergo any activity that causes undue stress or movement for the affected areas.

We also provide our patients with important tips like –

• Avoiding wearing glasses for a period of up to 15 days post surgery.
• Avoiding any kind of vigorous activity including running, swimming, playing sports or lifting heavy objects for a period of 15 days after surgery.
• Taking care while smiling and laughing, eating and chewing and during putting on and taking off of clothes.
With our expert advice that takes into account every possible eventuality that might adversely affect the recovery after nose surgery, our patients are able to manage full recovery from surgical symptoms within a very short span of time.