Avail of a Pleasing Facial Feature Set

For people to have a consistent look and expression and present a pleasing appearance, all the elements of the face need to be in perfect proportion, both with each other and in the context of totality. Often, people face the problem of having a particular component of the face in disproportionate size. The effect disturbs the natural look and symmetry of the face and creates an abnormality.

One of the most common kinds of this abnormality is found in people who have short noses- noses which are smaller than the normal proportionate size that would be ideal for their faces. At Nose Job India, we tackle with the problem of short noses with our state of the art short nose correction cosmetic surgery services. Our services are tailored towards helping people achieve the ideal, proportionate nose size in context with their facial layout and appearance.

What is Short Nose Correction?


A short nose is a facial feature which looks and feels incongruous, on account of it not being in proportion with the rest of the facial elements. It can result from many different circumstances, including congenital defects, repeated cosmetic surgery and the result of accidents or trauma. Resulting from these factors, a short nose size can really make your face look inconsistent.

During a short nose correction surgery, important augmentation is carried out to ensure that the nose reaches its desired size and proportion. Tissue from other areas is used to augment the size of the nose and to provide it with the correct shape and dimensions. After the procedure is complete, the nose reaches the desired size and shape and becomes more in tune with the other facial elements, thereby providing a complete, consistent look. Short nose correction is a challenging surgical prospect and can deliver stellar results if done in the right way by capable cosmetic surgeons.

Why Nose Job India

At Nose Job India, we have a wealth of experience treating people who have self-image issues and low self-confidence owing to the presence of abnormalities in their facial structure. Having a short nose is a common complain, and we have the perfect solution with our short nose correction surgery services. Our cosmetic surgeons have been doing consistent good work for decades, and are well versed with the many technicalities and intricacies which are commonly associated with short nose correction surgery. Carried out in outpatient facilities, our surgeries use local anesthesia and are minimally invasive, ensuring that recovery times are short. We also engage in transparent discussions with all our patients to get a clear idea about their appearance goals, and help them achieve those goals through our high quality surgeries. Till date, we have helped many patients with our short nose correction surgery.

If you are facing problems due to a short nose and want to get things back to normal, we at Nose Job India can help. Get in touch with us to know more about our short nose correctionoptions, which you can use to transform your appearance.