The nose occupies the front and center position in the face, and as a result is always the center of attention whenever someone looks at you. For teenagers, this becomes a matter of great importance. Nose Job India understands that teenage years is the time when children grow and mature into adults, develop notions like self-worth and vanity, and start caring about how they look. Teenagers who are not satisfied with the shape of their noses are vulnerable to developing excessive obsession about their appearance, low self-esteem and self-image issues. These issues can also be fueled by the constant attention, scrutiny and criticism of other teenagers in the same peer group. In the hope of changing the shape and size of their noses and more to their liking, teenagers often turn to Rhinoplasty or nose jobs.

Teenage rhinoplastyis one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery among teenagers. Whether it is an aesthetic change or a purely functional one, we at Nose Job India cater to every need for teenage nosejobs. Our qualified medical professionals help teenagers achieve the nose shape and size they are looking for, and start walking on the path of creating better self-image and a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

The Right Age

At Nose Job Indiawe are aware of the fact that till age 15-16, bone growth in the face is not yet complete. We therefore recommend that teenagers wait until they achieve complete facial bone growth before going in for teenage nosejobsprocedures, barring unusual circumstances. There are no set rules regarding this, which is why we carefully and painstakingly evaluate each patient individually and ascertain whether they are ready for surgery. In case of problems like breathing problems and deformity, we sometimes carry out surgeries immediately for younger teenagers.

We also require that our patients are already equipped with enough intellectual faculties and emotional maturity to rationally consider the option of Rhinoplasty. Patients should be able to understand the surgical process, recovery periods, results and the possible implications a procedure like this can have on their lives.

Common Reasons

We encounter a lot of different reasons and factors which cause youngsters to opt for Teenage rhinoplasty. Causative factors can include genetic traits, congenital defects, trauma and other conditions. At Nose Job India, we have a solution for every problem. Common concerns include –

  1. Correcting nose injuries
  2. Clearing away obstructions in the airway
  3. Increase or decrease the size of the nose overall
  4. Increase of decrease the size of the nostrils
  5. Reshape or straighten the bridge or nose tip
  6. Eliminating bumps and irregularities

How we Help

For those teenagers who are considering Teenage rhinoplasty, we at Nose Job India offers the best doctors and medical facilities in the business. Rhinoplasty is a complex and unique kind of surgical treatment, and our expert doctors know all its nuances in-depth. With superior knowledge and compassion, we understand the needs of our teenage patients and help them achieve a better quality of life with world class teenage nosejob procedures which yield stellar results.